Whee! I didn’t know about this. Even with piles of work to do and tons of unfinished business, Congress gets to declare their own recess and go home to play.  What a great idea!  It’s like going on vacation the week before a big project is due.  Even better, congresspeople can put off doing anything nasty until they’ve been reelected.  Is this a great country or what?  it’s like leaving your teenagers and saying you’ll be back when they turn 21.  Tell me you were never tempted, I dare you.

So I’ve been on recess, too, just to see if I can manage this part of the job.  I think I’ve got it covered.  Remember, all I want is the health insurance and the pension.  I promise not to vote on anything that doesn’t involve my passionate belief that the grammar of the nation must be preserved.  I actually said ‘hung’ when I meant ‘hanged’ the other day.  It’s insidious.
So, if you don’t vote for me, although you should, see just what your local reps are doing during recess.   Remember the trouble you got into when let out of school?

Not watching the debate tonight.  I’m streaming disaster movies.  Time to get ready for the inevitable (see my apocalypse blog)  Sharan